• Lazar Stošić College for professional studies educators, Aleksinac https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0039-7370
  • Milena Bogdanović University of Niš, Teacher Training Faculty, Vranje


m-learning, Information and communication technology, e-learning, distance-learning


At each step, the Internet and information technologies are changing many aspects of life. We live; we buy, work, manage, and communicate new ways that technology has enabled. Information and communication technology are pervasive the technology of today. It finds application in every branch of industry, and in all areas of education and the basis for the successful operation of all social and state structures. Information and communication technology (ICT) provides a good foundation for creative and effective use of knowledge. Using mobile technology in education changes the basic view of learning when, where and how to learn. M-learning is a unique type of learning because students can access the lessons anytime, anywhere. Mobile learning is learning supported by mobile devices. It represents a new form of education. The notion of mobile learning covers a wide range of devices used for learning at any place at any time. These include various wired and wireless devices (mobile phones, PDA, iPod, Sony PSP, notebook devices...). M-learning offers the possibility of using mobile devices combine many benefits of e-learning in a single portable package that can be used at any time and anywhere using mobile devices. Mobile devices are emerging as one of the most promising technologies to support learning as they offer new opportunities that do not offer static devices. 


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