• Rabije Murati Faculty of Philosophy Department of Pedagogy, State University of Tetova


Democratization of education, Upbringing for democracy, Student parliaments, Individually oriented model of education


Macedonia aspires to join the European developed countries and it certainly requires a relentless pursuit and persistent hard work in every segment of life especially in the area of education as a initiator of development and modernization of life in general. Changes concerning education certainly that include the school as an institution that organized manner, specified forms and methods training and preparing young people for life and work in more developed and democratic society. I believe that education as a social category should always be updated with social change and of course that in a democratic society should be democratic education. Democratization of society requires and democratization of the school, which in turn inevitably overemphasizes individually oriented model of education. Only with such a model of education can apply the principles of humanity, individuality, diversity education and respect for of the personal interests of students. Within the democratic life in school and preparing young people for democratic life and the need for a working of student parliaments, contemporary school and the characteristics of that school, are one of the basic things about functioning of the democratic life of the school. Democratization of education is not a new and unfamiliar requirement in developing countries as well as in our country. Since the beginning of the independence of the Republic of Macedonia is talking about the democratization of education, upbringing for democracy, the basis for democracy, civil education, etc.. Still until today still do not get comprehensive research relevant to this issue. Young people are not sufficiently prepared for democratic behavior, working and living in a democratic society.


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